About Us

    Beit Dror is a shelter for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender) youth at risk. Beit Dror was established in 2002 and Every year we hostel over 80 youth who had to leave their homes, either due to lack of exception of their sexual or gender difference, or for other related reasons. At Beit Dror they receive a hot meal, a bed to sleep in and people to speak to. Beyond offering shelter, Beit Dror offers counseling, including family therapy, and connects the youth to all other educational and counseling needs provided to at risk youth.

    Beit Dror is operated by the non-profit Otot and funded mostly by the ministry of labour, welfare and social services. This funding covers the basic operational costs but does not cover special projects such as the family therapy project, special activities for the youth, summer activities and other ongoing needs of the youth

    Target population

    The stay at Beit Dror is designed and adapted for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender)  teenagers between the ages of 12-18 . Anyone can contact us independently, but for the most part teens  who come to are referred from the welfare services or emergency lines.


    Beyond meeting the basic needs, the teens in Beit Drot have a professional, supportive and open staff that accompanies them during their stay. With each one of the teens we built a  unique plan that meets their unique emotional and therapeutic. 

    The staff

    Beit Dror's staff includes a manager, a coordinator, a social worker, a social worker who takes care of families, counselors, a householder, and a handyman man. The staff accompanies the teens during the day. In addition, many volunteers take an important part in running the hostel – from cooking or arriving in the evenings, mentoring and more. 


    The Family Intervention Project at Beit Dror is has operated for the last few years based on the understanding that the family in general and parents in particular, are a significant and important element in the lives of a teenager – in their development and in their ability to handle the crisis in which they find themselves. The process of "coming out" creates new and complex struggles for teens and their families and dealing with this issue raises more complex topics that are unrelated to this subject directly. Mediating between the teens and their families, especially in the field of sexual orientation and gender identity, can help alleviate challenges and improve the lives of the teens and their families.

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